Resource Magazine Visits Fiilex

By Matthew Reamer / Photos by Matthew Reamer / and Mark Gordon of G10 Capture


Weighing in at a mere 1.6lbs and roughly the size of a coffee mug, the P360 emits an impressive 90 watts.

Major advances in the field of LED technology have rippled through all aspects of the industrial, consumer, and professional markets over the past few years. As the size and price of LEDs continue to shrink, the accessibility, usability and practicality of this new technology is seeing rapid expansion. Nowhere is this as apparent as it is in the photo and video market, where improvements in high-ISO capture have made low- to mid-output light sources adequate for many types of shooting.

"It was eye opening, to say the least—though even with open eyes, it was hard to see much with the way my head was spinning."

One of Fiilex's initial offerings will be the P360. As the more practical product for a wide range of shooters, the P360 stands to make quite an impact, as it offers a marked improvement on current LED technology in three important areas—flexibility, portability, and affordability. Weighing in at a mere 1.6 lbs. and roughly the size of a coffee mug, the P360 emits an impressive 90 watts from its patented 50 diode high-density LED array, which is amazingly smaller than a dime (I wonder what they could do with a quarter).



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Using the proprietary Dense Matrix LED platform and a broad range of technical expertise in material science, optics, thermal system, electronics, and product design, DiCon Lighting creates and manufactures a variety of innovative LED luminaries for architecture, entertainment, horticutlure, aquaruim, image capture, and bio/med industries. Operated under the parent company DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., it has 27 years of proud recognition and excellence in the photonic industry.

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