8-Inch Fresnel

P/N: FLXA036

The 8-Inch Fresnel attaches easily to the front of any Q-Series light, narrowing its beam angle to a range of 25°-10° and increasing the intensity of the center lux by an astonishing 15x. To build the strongest and lightest accessory possible, we have crafted the housing from carbon fiber tubes and the Fresnel Lens itself has been designed completely from scratch with a new polycarbonate material. The innovative design of the 8-Inch Fresnel gives you a modifier that is lightweight, damage-resistant and transmits 10% more light than a normal glass fresnel lens.


Features »

  • 15x Increase in Center Lux
  • Adjustable Housing Narrows Beam Between 25°-10°
  • Innovative Proprietary Design
  • Enhanced Durability

Specifications »

Diameter (of lens) 8 inches
Materials Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate
Lighting Effect
Boosts Intensity of Light, Narrows the Beam Angle, Increases Throw.


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(1) 8 Inch Fresnel

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