Fiilex Agility Backpack

P/N: FLXA045

A portable option for run-n-gun shooting, the Fiilex Agility Backpack allows videographers to carry a small studio anywhere. The backpack features rip-resistant nylon fabric and wide shoulder straps for a comfortable fit, and its all-in-one design includes 6 configurable compartments to store lights, camera backs, lenses, and more. It also provides room for accessories like audio mics and power cables, as well as a protective pocket for a laptop. Tripods and light stands mount to the front and sides of the pack, allowing for a mobile, professional set-up. Lightweight, customizable, and durable, the Agility Backpack is a convenient option for anyone working on-location.


Features »

  • Lightweight, Compact & Easy for Travel
  • Designed to Comply with Most Airlines Carry-On Sizes
  • Reconfigurable, Customizable Gear Compartments
  • Crafted with Durable, Tear-Proof Materials
  • Includes Rain Cover for Additional Water Protection

Specifications »

Backpack Size
18.5" x 17.7" x 9.4" / 47cm x 45cm x 24cm
Backpack Weight 3.7 lbs. (empty)


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Kits Containing the Agility Backpack»

Fiilex S282 Kit


(2x) P180E