S284 Mini All-Weather Interview Kit (2x-P180E, 2xB60)

P/N: FLXS284

DiCon Lghting DenseMatrixLED
Fiilex S284 Light Kit

The S284 packs two P180Es and two B60s into the extremely portable Fiilex Agility Backpack. In addition to being IP-24 weather-resistant, the P180Es are both dimmable and color-tunable, giving videographers the freedom and control to match ambient color temperatures in almost any setting. The included B60 Brick Battery Systems provide each P180E with over 90 minutes of power and feature USB output for charging mobile devices and tablets. With external straps to hold the kits' included light stands, the Fiilex Agility Backpack is incredibly efficient in its use of space. The extra room can be used to store lights, mics, batteries, or even a DSLR with lenses. With the S-284 Kit, media professionals can cut the cord and truly thrive in versatile run 'n gun productions.


Features »

  • 400 Watts of Combined Tungsten Equivalent Output
  • Lightweight, Comfortable & Easy for Travel
  • Designed to Comply with Most Airlines Carry-On Sizes
  • Reconfigurable, Customizable Gear Compartments
  • Crafted with Durable, Rip-Proof Materials and Reinforced Stitching
  • Water-Resistant Zipper Design and Custom Protective Rain-Fly
  • Room for Extra Lights, Mics, Batteries, and Accessories

P180E Features »

  • 200W Output Equivalent, only uses 40W
  • Color Temperature Range 3000-5600K
  • Full Spectrum Light Quality - No Spikes
  • Dimming (100%-10%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • Single Point Light Source
  • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
  • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
  • IP-24 Water Resistant (IP-25 w/ Rain Shield)
  • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
  • Lightweight, Compact, Easy for Travel

Fiilex Agility Backpack Features »

  • Lightweight, Compact & Easy for Travel
  • Designed to Comply with Most Airlines Carry-On Sizes
  • Reconfigurable, Customizable Gear Compartments
  • Crafted with Durable, Tear-Proof Materials
  • Includes Rain Cover for Additional Water Protection
Fiilex S284 Light Kit

Specifications »

Backpack Size
18.5" x 17.7" x 9.4"
47cm x 45cm x 24cm

Backpack Weight
12.9 lb / 5.85kg (with light stands)
3.7 lb / 1.68kg (empty)

Light Stand Length (closed)
21 inches

Light Stand Max Height (extended)
7 ft / 2.13 m

Back Pack Warranty
One Year



Fiilex S282 & S284 Kit

The Fiilex S-Kits are perfect for videographers and photographers who place a premium on portability. Rather than a cumbersome case, the S-284 comes packed into the lightweight Fiilex Agility Backpack. Reliable, efficient, and flexible, the S-282 and 284 Kits are the ideal traveling companions for photo and video professionals everywhere. [01:52]Play


Items Included »

(2) P180E Light Heads

(2) Size 1 Barndoors

(2) AC/DC Power Adapters

(2) B60 Brick Battery Station

(2) Light Stands

(1) Fiilex Agility Backpack


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