Fiilex Lights Take Part in Fabien Cousteau's Historic Mission 31

San Francisco, CA - July 24th , 2014 - Fiilex, a leader in LED lighting for the broadcast, film and photo industries, is proud to announce that the P180E was used in the filming of the historic Mission 31. The Fiilex P180E light was used in the Aquarius underwater habitat while Fabien Cousteau completed a record setting 31 days underwater.

The goal of Mission 31 was to bring attention to the importance of the ocean to humanity, and the immense value in protecting this vital resource. Changing Tides Media was chosen to document this historic event, and they chose the Fiilex P180E to supply light in the extreme environment of the Aquarius lab. The P180E was used to film in the habitat, and was especially valuable in filming on the Wet Porch were the divers enter and exit the lab. This area presents a unique challenge as it has close to 100% humidity and zero electrical outlets.

"I tend to work in very intense environments, areas with high humidity and little to no electrical power," says Matthew Ferraro of Changing Tides Media, "the week before we went underwater, we were in the Amazon, filming in remote villages. There was no electricity, it was 100° and about 90% humidity. There simply isn't any other light that we could use in these environments, but also there is also no other light that I would want to use. The lights work so well, I am able to just focus on telling the story."

About the P180E

The P180E is a on/off camera LED light with a 200W tungsten equivalent output, and an actual draw of 40W. It is color temperature tunable from 3000-5600K, and can run of standard broadcast batteries. The P180E is a point light source with many available accessories to cut and shape the light.

About Changing Tides Media

Changing Tides Media provides opportunities for individuals and communities to connect with nature through digital media. Founded by Matthew Ferraro, Brian Hall and Carrie Vonderhaar, Changing Tides Media brings together diverse skills in cinematography, photography, professional video production and design, to bring awareness to societies' most pressing issues. They produce stories that educate and empower people to be a positive influence on the world. Learn more at www.changing-tides.com


About Fiilex

Fiilex is a DiCon Lighting Brand. The Fiilex division designs and manufactures high quality LED lighting products for the Image Capture industry. Incorporating patented Dense Matrix LED technology, Fiilex produces portable and powerful specular sources that boast high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and dynamic color tuning capabilities. Since the initial announcement of the brand in January 2013, Fiilex has released 5 revolutionary LED lighting fixtures and a variety of innovative light modifiers. In a very short span, Fiilex has won major contracts in the North American broadcast market and established a wide dealer network around the world. Fiilex is one of the most sought after new lighting brands in the market.

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