Fiilex K312 Lighting Kit (2x-P360EX,1x-P200)

P/N: FLXK312

Fiilex K312 Kit

The K312 Lighting Kit gives you the flexibility to match any ambient color temperature and the endless creative possibilities of the P200 Flexjet. The kit contains everything you need to create amazing portraits, or truly unique lighting patterns. Complete in a rolling travel case, the kit comes with two P360EX light heads which bring 20% more power than the P360's, as well as DMX control, and one P200 Light, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, softbox, speedring, and a 5 ft section of Fiber Glow, the side emitting Fiber Optic.


Features »

  • 1000W of Total Equivalent Output
  • Color Temperature Range for P360EX (3000-5600K)
  • Color Temperature Range for P200 (8 Color Settings: 3000K, 4300K, 5600K, Magenta, Yellow, Aqua, Cyan, Blue)
  • High CRI ≥92
  • Full Spectrum Light Quality - No Spikes
  • Dimming (100%-10%)
  • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
  • Single Point Light Source
  • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
  • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
  • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
  • Lightweight, Compact, Easy for Travel
  • Cool to the Touch Housing

Travel Case Features »

  • Zippered Pouch for Storage of Accessories
  • Automatic Pressure Purge System
  • Plastic Non-Corrosive Locks
  • Modular Design for Added Versatility
  • Molded-In Padlock Holes
  • Wheels and Telescoping handle
  • Built to Mil-Spec Standards / Lifetime Guarantee

Fiilex K311 Kit

Specifications »

Case Size 23.96" x 16.00" x 10.10"
60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.6cm

Kit Weight 38 lbs.

Light Stand Length (closed) 21"

Light Stand Max Height (extended)
7 ft / 2.13 Meters



Exploring New Frontiers with the Fiilex P200

Dale Stuart uses the P200 Fiber Glow's precise light to illuminate captivating macro images of flowers on fine art photography. Watch as she explains her process and discovers what is possible with the colorful Fiilex P200. [03:58]Play

Pack An Extra Punch

Meet Michael Becker, a still photographer who shoots entertainment portraiture for shows such as American Horror Story: Freak Show. Watch as he tries out the P2Q Converter, getting beautiful, concentrated bursts of light in his shots. [02:13]Play

Unparalleled Versatility

The P360EX redefines what is possible in an LED light. It is powerful, efficient, and durable, working just as well in the studio as it does in the elements. Engineered to offer users a comprehensive lighting system, the P360EX is the ideal light for unpredictable conditions. [00:45]Play

Get Soft Light In Seconds

The Fiilex Dome Diffuser spreads and softens light, great for lighting people. Its compact design travels well and lets you get diffuse light in tight places where a softbox just won't fit, introducing different textures into your set-up. The dome uses our magnetic attachment system to easily pop on and off of your P360EX. [00:16]Play

The P2Q Conversion

Get the most out of your P360EX by using the P2Q Converter, a modifier that attaches a 5" fresnel to the front of the light to narrow the beam angle to 14 degrees, increase the intensity by 8x, and to extend the throw of the light. [00:29]Play



2014 Hot Ones Award

The weather-resistant P360EX won the Professional Photographers Magazine's Hot Ones Award for Best Continuous Lighting System in 2014. Its high output, easy portability, remarkable light quality, and impressive ruggedness distinguished the P360EX as an exceptional new product. Read More


Items Included »

(2) P360EX Light heads

(1) P200 Light head

(2) Barndoors

(3) AC/DC Power Adapters

(1) Softbox 15"x15"

(1) Speedring for Softbox

(3) Reverse Leg Light Stands

(1) Fiber Adapter - 14mm

(1) 5 ft of Fiber Glow (side emitting)

(1) Rolling Travel Case


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