Fiilex Company Overview

Did you know that the history of Fiilex actually reaches back over 30 years? Learn about where Fiilex came from, and where the company stands today in this short video.

Fiilex’s Unique LED Technology

Do you ever wonder how Fiilex LEDs combine quality, control, and power in such small fixtures? Then you'll definitely want to set aside a few minutes and watch this in-depth tech overview with Jeff Lee, Ph.D. and Head of Product Development.

Designing Fresnel Optics for Compact Source LEDs

Whereas most LED manufacturers use off-the-shelf Fresnels, Fiilex custom designs their Fresnels to work in tandem with the Dense Matrix LED source. This video gives you a revealing look into our optical design process.

Fiilex’s 192-Point LED Calibration Process

Fiilex ensures that every fixture is extremely color-accurate using their exhaustive 192-point color calibration process. Learn a bit about how our calibration works in this quick video.